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Programs & Community

We believe in giving back and giving more,

right alongside never giving up:


in addition to offering year-round, cost-free educational, mechanical and skills-based clinics at the shop and throughout the greater Albuquerque + Santa Fe metro areas, we also donate 5+% of our gross annual profits to making our tiny corner of the world a better place. Whether that's donating shop labor, free parts and complete bikes or building pump tracks, kickass events and racing leagues, The Coop is in it for the long haul, just like we always have been.

No-Drop Rides,
Skills Clinics & More:

From our built-in-house KnowYourShit Kits to our new 'How to Begin' skills clinics and no-drop, beginner friendly group rides, we're making bikes, cycling, and the entire bike world friendlier, easier to understand and more accessible to a wider range of people.

Starting somewhere has never been simpler.

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Rent-A-Bench &

Our Know-How + Your 'How To...'

We're getting the band back together and putting the 'Co-Op' back in 'Coop': Starting March 1, 2022, you can book a service-specific work bench (and an assistant mechanic, if needed) here if you'd like to do your own wrenching but don't have the space. All tools are provided in the rental fee, but parts, shop materials & mechanic time will be extra.

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