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our current policies, important shop updates, a longterm strategic plan & what we're doing to keep everyone safe.

our strategic plan:


we've partnered with another local ABQ company, Build With Robots, to clean & sanitize our entire shop for the healthiest, safest experience possible. 

we're also the only shop in Albuquerque continuing to require masks in-store, regardless of mandates or swaying opinion.


we're utilizing our collective and ever-changing knowledge of viruses to make sure we're up to date on the latest variants, symptoms, vaccines and information in order to get and stay informed, vaccinated, masked, and safe... all to keep ourselves and our community alive.


 our ongoing mask requirements and immediate exposure response protocols have kept The Bike Coop and our customers and community safe, healthy and on the roll since March 2020; we're upping the ante with weekly staff testing, online ordering  & contactless curbside pickup

our mask policy:

After considering numerous factors and continuing our open shop conversations while thoroughly assessing pertinent risks to both staff and public health, we’ll be lifting our strict shop mask requirements as of Tuesday, April 19th 2022.

We didn’t come to this decision lightly — we’ve probably given this issue more time, energy and research than anything else during the pandemic, and it wasn’t an easy choice to make after more than two years of careful masking.


But we’re also practical and honest with ourselves about the ever-changing realities of 2022 and the efforts and needs of our people, which includes our exceptional staff AND our wonderful customers. 


For so many of us, continued masking up has grown increasingly difficult to justify with the constant shift of public health recommendations, even as the very legitimate health risks of being infected with COVID-19 still weigh heavy. Our friends, customers and the general public have, at large, been phenomenally supportive of our stringent and continued mask requirements; we’re beyond grateful and incredibly proud of our small community for rising to the occasion and doing the most to protect each other — that care and dedication are the glue that makes Albuquerque such a strong, resilient and amazing place.


The past few years haven’t been easy on anyone… and that just feels like a gross understatement. Words can’t adequately summarize any of it, quite frankly, and not a single person here or anyone we know has gone untouched by COVID-19 — it’s affected everyone here and this small business itself in various and permanent ways. It’s impacted how we all think, act, behave and interact with each other and customers, both positively as well as negatively. How we see each other and treat each other as human beings is paramount to how each of our lives roll forward on a daily basis. Taking care of people has always and will always be at the center of our two-wheeled universe, and it’s one of our most important values and highest priorities.


All of this has presented new choices for us, contributing to many fresh approaches to our mask wearing, customer service and shop operations, particularly as warmer weather approaches and infection rates decline.


As of Tuesday, April 19th, we will no longer require customers to wear masks while in the shop. However, all shop staff will continue to mask up following the recommendations of the CDC and NMDOH for indoor mask use; we still heavily encourage customers to wear them and will be rewarding our patrons who choose to mask indoors with a 5% discount across the board as a thank you for remaining responsible and vigilant. We’ll also be increasing shop airflow by keeping both our front and rear doors open during business hours as well as adding new filtration to our HVAC system to drastically reduce the risk of spread in the event of exposure. New drop-off and pick-up options for bike service are also just around the corner as we renovate our building and back parking area to create a more community-oriented and outdoor-friendly bike experience. 


As always, these policies may change as risk does — if we see a ‘spring spike’ as virologists and health experts currently fear, we’ll reinstate our previous mask requirement. If conditions continue to improve, we’ll also adapt and shift policy. But we promise that we'll try to do the most responsible thing for personal and public safety as we continue to commit to open, honest and transparent communication with all of you. 


Thank you for your patience, your support, your kindness, your love and your continued patronage as we navigate these things. We look forward to seeing all of you and your lovely bikes as we leap into a great summer.


Sincerely and gratefully,


The Bike Coop Family

april 17, 2022:

december 10th, 2021:
dear friends,

one of our staff has experienced symptoms and tested positive for COVID-19; as of december 9th 2021, the shop will be closed until further notice as our crew is tested, the shop is cleaned and we can welcome our friends and customers 
into the shop with surety about our heath and safety.

we are following federal CDC and state NMDOH guidelines in the strictest, most 
cautious manner possible in order to prevent uncontrolled community spread and will be conduction contact tracing over the new few days. if you or someone you know experiences symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19 after being in the shop, please immediately follow the reporting and self-quarantining procedures as outlined in health mandates and recommendations and if possible, let us know that you've been infected. 

the health and safety of our incredible staff, our loyal customers and our beloved, vibrant community. 
is and will continue to be the first priority, regardless of the impact it may have on current or future business operations. there is no business nor amount of money that's worth compromising the safety of the most vulnerable, and we refuse to contribute to or compound the behaviors that have prolonged the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bike Coop solves problems and takes care of others -- we're committed to that standard, regardless of circumstantial changes.

below are a few links to state and federal resources available for those affected by the ongoing crises as well as health guidelines and safety recommendations. we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, frustration or disappointment this may cause and are happy to work with you to schedule a bike pickup or drop-off in the coming days. please email with questions or concerns or to schedule a COVID-safe curbside pickup.


all of us at The Bike Coop

NMDOH Testing Sites, Home Testing Kits & Self-Reporting

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