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pre-K STRIDER giveaway

yes, we're really giving away one free Strider bike for pre-kindergarten kids beginning December 1, 2022:

 consider it our version of a COVID-19 infrastructure recovery package.

no, there's no catch.

we won't sell your data, feed any kids to Krampus and we're not the witch from Hansel & Gretel.

we're just really passionate about bikes and we want to provide every opportunity

for a new generation to experience the wonder and joy that come with two wheels.

In partnership with #MoreButtsOnBikes, we gave away more than 50 Strider balance bikes in 2020 and 2021

to lucky pre-k kids here in the greater ABQ area as part of our ongoing non-profit efforts to expand opportunities, build infrastructure and invest in non-motorized mobility and our bike community at large. It's gone so well and has been so popular that we decided to make it an annual event (and because we've read the science)! 

As it turns out, starting kids on balance bikes at a pre-k age gives them a literal head start in life by aiding in early neuro-muscular and social development as well as providing a valuable introduction to a wider community and entrance into lifelong mental, emotional and physical stability and building healthy habits. Considering all of that, how could we possibly NOT make that sort of investment in New Mexico's future?! It's a small action that we hope will assisting in continuing to build an active and involved community for years to come. 

all you have to do: 

fill in the form below to enter the drawing.

 every day during December, one winner will be drawn from Frosty's hat

between 5-6pm and streamed live on our Instagram page

yup, that's pretty much it.

for a list of all winners so far,

please scroll to the bottom of this page.

we'll update it once a week!

(if you're a little skeptical about this thing that seems too good to be true, go ahead and check out this article about our owner: she's done this before!)

* please remember that this is an effort to get more kids on bikes, contribute to our community and build better foundations for future bike riders in Albuquerque and New Mexico as a whole.

as such, multiple entries by different people for the same child will be nullified and disqualified from winning, as will entries with unverifiable details or for kiddos who fall outside the parameters we've set.

please be a good neighbor and respectful of this effort (and our time) and only submit 1 entry per Albuquerque-local child.
you're entered to win!

This year's giveaway has ended. Please come back next year!

Terms & Conditions:

The Bike Coop determines final giveaway winner based upon local residency status, age of child and verifiable information. Striders must be claimed and retrieved within 7 days of being notified; bikes not claimed within 7 days will be given away to a new winner selected via raffle re-draw. 

enter to win:

pre-k giveaway entry
Giveaway Winners

2022 Winners:


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