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Come Work At The 'Coop!

we pride ourselves on taking care of each other, our customers and our community.
The Bike Coop maintains a work quality guarantee and standard of excellence and we pay wages, tips and profit-sharing commensurate with effort, experience, skill level and enthusiasm.
we are an inclusive, certified asshole-free zone and we don't tolerate hate, gatekeeping, racism, bigotry, size-ism or any other shitty 'shop vibes' that have kept people away from working in bike shops.

we prioritize the elevation of quality, professional work while staying humble and owning our mistakes. nobody knows everything and we rely heavily on the diverse and widely-held wisdoms amongst our eclectic crew.

our hiring process is a democratic and transparent one built on trust and founded with compassion: every application is individually reviewed by each member of the team and qualified by staff for an initial interview.

if there is something you want us to take into consideration,
please include it here.

prior criminal history will not impact your eligibility for a job with us.


don't forget to attach a resume! 

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thanks! if we think you're a good fit, we'll be in touch with you shortly.

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